Welcome to the Teacher's Math Intervention Clinics

Rochester NY


July 17 & 18, 2019 Sessions to be rescheduled to Fall 2019

Location TBD

Want to host this clinic at your school?

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Mobile: 585-314-1824

What You'll Learn

This Math Intervention Clinic for teachers will introduce you to research based intervention resources and techniques proven to enhance mathematics skills and scores for the lowest 35 percentile of learners in grades 3,4, and 5.

The program is active in over 3,000 schools with over a decade of RTI experience, leaders of this clinic have seen it all, always enabling significant school improvement.


Come prepared to learn how to structure a Math Bootcamp Intervention that is proven to increase the achievement of students falling in the lowest 35 percentile (lowest quartile).


Together with your peers, explore Math Bootcamp strategies that have been known to help students retain basic math skills and build depth of knowledge.


Become students in a simulated classroom that uses hands-on activities, game play and journaling to develop Tier 2 and Tier 3 learners.


Learn to use our recommended FOUR Bootcamp Word Problem strategies to address word problems associated with the state standards.


Learn about the rules for "key words" as they relate to current standards.


Gain insight and leverage on what Educational Bootcamp leaders can share about intervention programs, problems, methodologies, failures, and successes in general.